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    Hola! I’m Georgina – a professional organizing coach and a certified KonMari Method consultant in Austin, Texas.


    The KonMari method is a tidying method Marie Kondo created out of her lifelong work and passion for organizing. KonMari Certified Consultants not only share the knowledge and skills of organizing but also help clients identify what they value in life through a two-part process of (1) discarding and (2) organizing.

    For some, this process is unemotional and straightforward, but for others, it can be emotionally challenging. It is my mission to be your guide through this process.

    How did I get here?
    I’ve been on a soul-searching journey for over 20 years. Along the way I have searched, read and traveled with the hopes of finding a way to soothe the soul. There’s no questioning that the world is changing. So many struggle with unhappiness and anxiety and we are all trying to figure out the best way to create our best life. In bringing the KonMari method to others I have found one of the most profound tools to change someone's life. I genuinely believe there is magic in healing the space you live in. In my experience, I have been blessed to witness the incredible transformation that decluttering and organizing can bring to someone's life. Utilizing this unique system I will help you to clarify what your ideal lifestyle is. I will help you to sharpen your sensitivity to feeling what sparks joy within you. During out time together we will determine the best methods for storing and organizing those items. I am here to support you and guide you.


    The choice is yours!


    A space can be conducive to nurturing positive feelings or negative ones. Living spaces communicate to us all of the time. They feed us, or they harm us, and we are the orchestrators of it all. When I discovered Guru Marie Kondo and the "life changing-magic of tidying up," not only did my life change but also I

    became a conduit of change for many of my loved ones. I soon discovered that I had a gift. Using my gift brings me the joy I had been searching for, and it finally brought me so many answers to life. I love the look on people's faces after their space has been transformed. I love even more to witness how their life changes as if by "magic" after the KonMari transformation

  • SJT process

    we help you clean your clutter and live joyfully


    The first step in Kondo's method is to visualize the life you wish to have with a clutter-free space. Getting the right mindset is paramount. A clutter free closet or uncluttered wall isn't deep enough.

    Dig deeper. What does a life free of clutter mean
    to you? Using a series of questions I will help you to determine the life you want to live. We will then break down each wish and evaluate why you want that particular thing. The hallmark of this method is letting go of items that no longer serve the life you wish to live. The life you are striving for. This isn’t about storage, “putting things away creates an illusion that the clutter problem has been solved.”



    One of the first steps is to identify what does, indeed, "spark joy" for you.


    Pick it up (don't just observe it from afar on a bookshelf or under-bed storage box), turn it

    over in your hands, study it – How does this possession make you feel? How do you feel at the idea of discarding it forever?


    It can sound extreme and change can be hard but if you haven’t been able to get there on your own I would love to help you achieve your ideal lifestyle living a life surrounded by only the things that spark joy for you.


    Together we will work in this specific order:
    1. clothes 2. books 3. papers,
    4. miscellaneous 5. sentimental.


    Voila, a more joyful life surrounded and supported by things and people you love!


    The KonMari method focuses on tidying all at once rather than in small steps. De-cluttering your entire space in one fell swoop.

    Kondo claims you will never revert to your old clutter ways. The KonMari method emphasizes tidying by category, not location. Kondo says this prevents the confusion that arises when you try to de-clutter objects stored in multiple locations


  • FAQs

    commonly asked tidbits.

    What does a life free of clutter mean to you?

    Kondo asserts that by discarding things, we're freeing up space for the things we love. When you embody this mindset, you stay tidy forever rather than doing a big de-cluttering session once a week or month.

    What are some of the benefits I can expect while tidying my home the KonMari way?

    Tidying is not just about managing stuff. It positively impacts every aspect of life (finances, relationships, faith, health, career, etc.), as depicted by the KonMari Wheel of Impact. Benefits include an improved self-image, more time to entertain and spend with those who matter, and an enhanced understanding of your values and belief system.

    I’m terrible at letting things go. Are you sure this process can help me?

    Yes! The decision is yours, and as your KonMari Tidying Consultant I will provide the guidance and tools that will help you put your past in order and align with the person you’re becoming.

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